Ok, so quick intro, what's your name and where are you from?

I'm Sage Williams, I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. 

Why did you begin making music? and when did you start?

I started making music in 2010, that's when I put out my first project, well the official release date was in 2011. It was finished in late 2010 and I was showing it to people. That project is floating around the internet, so that's cool... yeah I don't want people to find it. Then there's a record I did in 2012 called Seventeen and I released it on my 17th birthday. After that I took a hiatus, so now I'm kind of coming back, I'm really starting fresh. But, that's when I first really started making music and now I'm working on my first real album, Lost which is coming out soon. As for why I started making music, it's not necessarily something I wanted to do it's something I had to do, in a sense it kind of chose me, I just had to, like I couldn't see a world where I wasn't creating music. 

Do you think it's important for the youth to have a platform to present themselves artistically? 

I think without artistic expression kids aren't as in touch with their emotions which can be bad for them socially. art is therapeutical so if kids aren't exposed to that then how would we have the people we hold to a high standard in artistic fields? where would Picasso be if no one ever showed him an easel? or Kanye if he never heard hip hop and got that ASR?

If anyone in the rap game could make a come back, which artist would you choose and why?

Shit. Tupac man, honestly, and I'm more of a Biggie fan than a Pac fan but just because I firmly believe that Tupac is alive. Like, I would just love for Pac to come back and be like, "Yeah" and I'd be like "fuck you n*ggas who said I was crazy..". (laughs) but yeah that would be wild. 

Can you explain the work behind and inspiration for the single Homecoming?

Homecoming was about a girl, I had it for a long time. I originally wanted Kevin Abstract to be on it instead of Wisdom but situations happen and things change and I ended up putting Wisdom on  it because he's from Birmingham and we're trying to build the Birmingham sound. We're trying to create a scene in the city, so I felt like having that kind of single would be good. I knew the potential of homecoming before I dropped it, like I knew people would receive it well because like I said, I'm at that point musically where I'm confident enough in my music that if I'm given that platform that I know it can take off. There were a lot of decisions made and it came out dope, Rob sent me the beat like spring 2014, I immediately heard it and wrote the whole song in like 30mins.    

Who do you gain inspiration from? do you think your youthfulness positively or negatively contributes to your sound?

Everywhere, literally everywhere. I feel like people want me to say Kanye, which is true Kanye is an inspiration. Drake, I love Drake, I feel like Drake is the next big rapper of our generation if he isn't already. He's pretty recognizable in hip-hop. Recently, young- thug he has something special. Of course Jay-Z, Erykah Badu – not even necessarily musically but she's a great inspiration as a person. And um, Tyler, Tyler the Creator is a big inspiration of mine. I didn't put enough southern people in there, but definitely Andre 3000 he inspires me and Big Boi obviously, Gucci, his work ethic is amazing and the quality, I could go on but that's enough. As for my youthfulness, I think a bit of both, because I have that attitude in my lyrics but I also don't have the experience so I think I'm just getting to the point because I'm maturing and experiencing real life and I have real things to be expired by so that is contributing to the quality of my music positively. 

Drake or Kendrick? Explain why?

I really didn't see this coming... but I said nice things about Drake already so I'm going to say Kendrick. I'm sorry bruh but 'To Pimp a Butterfly' I didn't listen to any other music for like a solid month. Like, I put my own album on pause because I was like man, I might not release this anymore. That shit was wild. Like I would say Drake musically, but Kendrick has the melodies too and he sings. I can't really explain but it's a really close match, I feel like Kendrick is the leader that we need and Drake is the icon for the youth. 

What are some of your next steps… next single, project or visual releases?

There is a homecoming video in the works we haven't started shooting yet but we will be very soon, trying to get things in motion. I don't know if I'm dropping another single off of the album I think I will, probably but I'm not necessarily going to announce it yet because I don't know for sure. The upcoming album is Lost, I have more stuff but that's all I'm going to announce for now. 

Where can we stay updated with you? 

twitter: sagewilliams_ instgagram: sagewilliams_ website: http://sage-williams.com  https://soundcloud.com/williamssage