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rookie tunesComment

Intro! What's your name and where are you from?

My name is Chase Ceglie, I’m from Newport, Rhode Island but I’m currently in Boston, Massachusetts at school.

How old are you?

I am 19 years old.

When did you start making music and why?

I grew up in a pretty musical household, there was always Broadway show tunes, classical music and opera playing around the house. My parents kind of drilled it in to me that music was really important and art in general. We have modern prints and stuff in the house so all of these artists became names that would float around the household. My parents always pushed us to express ourselves, which is really cool. When I was in the 5th grade, I decided to pick up the saxophone and it just kind of took off from there, I realized I was pretty good at it and I got a lot of support from the public school department, my parents and the whole community and that just went throughout elementary, middle school and high school. I just always had really great teachers that were always very supportive in the public schools. I was in all-state bands, all saxophone, and then I was in some bands with some friends playing other instruments like guitar, bass, drums, piano… I don’t know, I tried to pick up every instrument that I could just because I see music as a universal thing not just one instrument.

What inspires you to make music? What is the process of making a song for you like?

The process for making a song is, it takes me a while to write a song. Actually, I haven’t been writing for that long, we got a piano in the house maybe my sophomore or junior year of high school, just randomly we got a piano, which was really cool and so I would kind of  just twinkle away. (Laughs) Yeah those were kind of like the first moments of me just writing stuff and playing what I heard in my head. Um, I came up with a few tunes, I might pull them out at some point but now, it takes me a while to write just one song, it probably takes me about a 1-2months just to kind of come up with the structure of one song. Then I just build on that every now and then, I usually don’t force myself to write something, I don’t get any work done that way, I just sit down and if something happens or something comes to me and I have a nice idea then that’s that but I don’t try to force anything really. I take a really long time with lyrics, I think the better songs they just kind of come to you, which I think is true for pretty much any type of expression, the easier something comes to you the better it is, the more natural it is. So if I’m having a hard time with a song or lyrics I usually just stop but I’m always writing things down, I have a notebook with me. For me, the music always comes first and the lyrics always come last, I think that’s why it takes me so long to write lyrics is because I’m always searching for the perfect lyric to fit the melody instead of vice versa.

What would you classify your genre of music as?

I would classify my genre of music as… (pauses) I don’t know I usually don’t go into making a song with a genre in mind, I just kind of use all of my influences. I try to listen to a lot of music, I try and listen to everything and I think you can kind of hear that in my music, like I have a big range of styles but I still try and make it sound like me. But based upon what’s been coming out I would say Indie Folk style but now I think my writing style has become drastically different which is why I’m eager to record. I’ve been listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder and just heavily into the Beatles. I’ve been calling it my seventh awakening with the Beatles, because it’s like I’ve always liked them when I was younger, I mean I loved all of their songs and stuff but just periodically I come back and I’m just like wow, whatever happened there was magical and you just try to figure out what made that magic.

Are you in school currently? If so, how do you balance that with your music career?

Right now, I’m at Berklee College of music. I came in as a saxophone player but I’m shifting more towards writing now. Well I listen to music for the writing, I feel like it just kind of happened for me, so I guess I’m focusing on writing right now and balancing it with me doing my own music. Right now school is the most important thing and getting everything done here, which is why I think it’s been taking me so long to record all this new stuff just because this school is a lot different, you take a lot of classes, I think I’m taking about 9 or 10 classes right now and they meet once or twice a week so it’s a lot being thrown at you in small pieces so it can get really overwhelming. (Laughs) I guess music is the escape from music, which is funny. But whenever I get overwhelmed about something I just sit at a piano and try and figure out if I can come up with something.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry currently who would it be and why?


Alright, enough said. 

Are you into music festivals? Do you think you're more of a Coachella or SXSW guy?

I’ll take what I can get. I just stayed up until 4am watching the Drake Coachella set which was crazy, I think my favorite Coachella performance was in 2011 when Kanye headlined it, that was unreal. I guess I’m more of a Coachella guy. But I like what happens down at SXSW I like how it’s a community thing where the festival happens and then in the city there are a bunch of different acts going on too.

Internet girl is one of my favorite songs, it was repeated pretty frequently on my playlist. Tell me about the concept of that song and how it came about?

Ok, so Internet Girl. I wrote it a while ago, like I wrote the music less than a year ago I had been sitting just waiting for the lyrics to come. Internet girl is actually really funny, it’s a friend of a friend and we just ended up talking and became friendly. And then one day (starts playing the melody on the piano) I just had that motive going, I didn’t really have any ideas for a concept or anything and then one day I thought to myself, wow that would be a cool idea if I wrote a song called ‘internet girl’ then I dug into all the music I had written to see what would fit and then I sang to myself, (starts humming chorus) I thought that was cool so I just decided to run with it and add on to the concept of this far away lust. It seemed like a pretty 2015 concept – (laughs) it’s silly I think, but it’s a modern thing. I have a lot of friends that talk to people on the Internet so people could relate to that. I recorded it, took me like 3 days to do it, so I just banged it out.

What artist is played most on your personal iTunes? or what song?

Kanye West is the #1 played artist on my iTunes. It’s kind of a known thing I’m obsessed with Kanye, it’s really funny. I just love his music so much, I just think he’s this aggressive celebrity, like he’s so into being a celebrity it’s interesting. Love that man. He changed the way I listen to music and the way I make music.

What do you have coming up?

I have some shows coming up. Playing an acoustic show and then I’m playing a show at a pub live with four of my friends. I feel like if you write a good enough song it can translate to any genre, I like twisting it up. So for live, I like it to be a lot more rock band oriented like louder and just more aggressive. So I’m excited to see what that’s going to sound like. I’m working right now on a full-length album, I’m like 10 songs into writing it. Yeah, I’m excited for that, I have one song recorded, I may release it sometime as soon as I get it finished. It’s really different but I feel like it still sounds like me. I promised myself after I released the two-song single that I would take a year off recording things just to write and perfect the 10 songs I’ve written. So I’m really excited for the things I’ve written, that’ll hopefully be done by the end of the year.

Where can people stay updated with you?

I’m on facebook, twitter and instagram. I have a mobile blog on tumblr and just created a website, so I just put all of my music up there with links to all of my contact info. 

Twitter: @eilgec Instragram: @eilgec soundcloud: