By: Alim Smith

By: Alim Smith

 By: Alim Smith

By: Alim Smith

 By: Alim Smith 

By: Alim Smith 

Let's get started with a little introduction, what's your name and where are you from?

My name is Alim hold the Smith and I am from Wilmington, Delaware. 

How did you get your start? What originally drove you to start creating?

I got started drawing trying to replicate looney tunes that were on my underwear, I remember Tweety Bird was the first image I was exceptionally good at recreating. I think what drew me to start was that my mom kept saying I was good at coloring in the lines lol so I decided to make my own lines to color in. 

Talk to me about your background and if so, how your experiences or being from Wilmington affect the work that you create?

On my mother's side I'm like almost one of the only ones who hasn't gone to jail or got caught doing illegal shit and there's nothing special about me except I had a father figure in the house, and that's the only reason I wasn't in the streets. I taught myself photoshop to forge documents and the only reason I went to an art school for middle school was because I liked a girl in the 5th grade who was applying to Cab Calloway for dance so I applied just to be around her I didn't even get in for art I got in for writing. 

What are some things that inspire you to continue to painting and creating art?

What inspires me to keep creating is that people enjoy it, when they stop I will as well. Black people are my biggest inspiration, we are the most fascinating beings ever created. 

What piece would you consider to be your favorite that you have done so far? Explain why that piece is your favorite?

My favorite piece is emmalou, I just love the colors and structure in it, my plans were to make something that looked like it came from the early 1900s and I think I perfectly captured that. 

Can you discuss your experience at AfroPunk this year and are any recent pieces inspired by that festival?

AfroPunk was awesome, met a lot of dope people and saw a lot of beautiful ones. I haven't created any pieces that were inspired by the festival yet. 

Who are some individuals that inspire you artistically?

My favorite artists are mc Escher, Michael Silva, and Terrance Vann. 

What do you hope to achieve through your art? What would you say is the larger vision behind your creative works?

I hope to make something timeless like the miseducation. That is the larger vision, I want to make an image that lasts as long as Jesus. 

Where will people have a chance to see your art? Do you have any shows or exhibitions coming up?

You can see most of my art on Instagram @yesterdaynite or and my site